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An area that contains personalised content to the user

The intervention is used to show personalised content. For instance, if the user has visited multiple pages in the same area of the site, we might want let them know that there are other pages on GOV.UK that would be useful to them. This component would be used to add this personalised content and would indicate to the user that this is not normally part of the page, but has been added for them specifically.

Right now the contents of the component are static, as the MVP of personalised content is only for Start a Business. Since many pages will use this component with the same text, we hard-code it here for now.

The dismiss link will reload the page but the hide-intervention query string parameter will cause the backed not to show the intervention again. Some progressive enhancement will be added in later to avoid reloading the page if JavaScript is available.

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How to call this component

<%= render "govuk_publishing_components/components/intervention", {
} %>

Accessibility acceptance criteria

The intervention component must:

  • have a border colour contrast ratio of more than 4.5:1 with its background to be visually distinct

  • always render headings with associated description content, so there are no isolated heading elements inside the component

Links in the component must:

  • accept focus
  • be focusable with a keyboard
  • be usable with a keyboard
  • indicate when they have focus
  • change in appearance when touched (in the touch-down state)
  • change in appearance when hovered
  • be usable with touch
  • be usable with voice commands
  • have visible text
  • have meaningful text