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Layout super navigation header

The super navigation header provides a consistent header across GOV.UK.

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How to call this component

<%= render "govuk_publishing_components/components/layout_super_navigation_header", {
} %>

Accessibility acceptance criteria

The component must:

  • have a text contrast ratio higher than 4.5:1 against the background colour to meet WCAG AA

Images in the super navigation header must:

  • be presentational when linked to from accompanying text (crown icon).

Landmarks and Roles in the super navigation header should:

  • have a role of banner at the root of the component (<header>) (ARIA 1.1)

Links in the component must:

  • accept focus
  • be focusable with a keyboard
  • be usable with a keyboard
  • indicate when they have focus
  • change in appearance when touched (in the touch-down state)
  • change in appearance when hovered
  • be usable with touch
  • be usable with voice commands
  • have visible text
  • have meaningful text

Other examples

With custom logo link (preview)

The header logo links to root by default. This option allows us to override that in certain instances.

Remember to update the title, as the default is “Go to the GOV.UK homepage”.

<%= render "govuk_publishing_components/components/layout_super_navigation_header", {
  logo_link: "https://www.example.com",
  logo_link_title: "Go to example"
} %>