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Meta Tags example

With content history tags

The tags in this object will generate the content-has-history tag, set to true. This tag is triggered when either, within content_item:

  1. public_updated_at and first_public_at within details are both present and they aren’t the same value
  2. change_history within details is present and it has a value of more than 1

See below example for specific details.

How it looks (preview)

<meta name="govuk:content-has-history" content="true">

How to call this example

<%= render "govuk_publishing_components/components/meta_tags", {
  content_item: {
    public_updated_at: "2021-01-15T12:30:45.000+00:00",
    details: {
      first_public_at: "2020-11-03T09:15:00.000+00:00",
      change_history: "5"
} %>